Tom Lent hits a home run for The Youth Center

The Youth Center has reached the goal of $200,000 for its 2022 fundraising campaign, breaking last year’s record. The campaign started on March 1 and ended on March 25 and concluded with an All In For The Kids casino night on March 25 at the Youth Center. The event was a celebration for activists and volunteers who helped raise much needed funds to support local children.

Southland Credit Union President and CEO Tom Lent led the 25th Annual Community Support Campaign as Campaign Chairman and proved he was in a league of his own as he encouraged every activist to raise $1,000 and that he personally raised over $16,000 for the campaign.

“I feel very lucky to have been chosen as the president of the 2022 campaign to help the Youth Center and the children of our community! They are an incredible organization, and my participation in the Campaign this year has only reinforced that assessment. I sincerely thank all the volunteer activists and our generous supporters for an excellent teamwork! It really was a Home Run for the kids,” Carême said.

The All In For The Kids Casino night at the end of the campaign kicked the ball out of the park by providing supporters, activists and their guests with a fun-filled night of Vegas-style food, fun and entertainment.

The event took place on March 25, 2022 from 6-10 p.m. at the Youth Center in Los Alamitos, CA. Guests enjoyed a night of blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, drinks, prizes, delicious food courtesy of Fortune Cookies, Borsh Deli, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Beth Piburn Cuisine and dessert courtesy of Butter+Cream. Guests were also treated to a wine tasting experience, courtesy of New Zealand Wine Navigator.

Special guests included the management team of Southland Credit Union, more than 30 Lion’s Club members, members of Rotary, RHA, SA Recycling and Eric Daschbach, the real estate broker responsible for helping the Youth Center secure their new home.

Ally Hatakeyama, president of the Emerging Leaders club at Los Alamitos High School, spoke at the event, saying, “I feel safe here and I don’t have to be home alone anymore.” is what a little girl from the youth center told me. because I was volunteering. The Youth Center’s inspiring mission and campaign is extremely important to me, as their development programs have an incredible impact on our lives, boosting our confidence, our sense of identity, our mental health and our faith in the future. I have seen these impacts first hand and am motivated to support the fundraising efforts of the Youth Center so that they can continue to provide exceptional, low-cost learning experiences and social interactions to strengthen the character of our young people and ensure our prosperity in the future. Thank you to everyone who has joined us over the past 25 days in our enduring efforts to hit a home run for kids in the community! Together we made it!”

Funds raised during the campaign and culminating event will provide scholarships, homework help, instrumental music instruction, teen leadership, life skills and training professional.

Lina Lumme, Executive Director of the Youth Centre, said: “These two years have been quite difficult for the Youth Centre. With the pandemic, the need for our services and scholarships has increased, but support from foundations has declined. Since the foundations could not have their regular events, the level of giving was not the same. Our staff, board and volunteers have worked hard over the past two years to ensure we don’t turn away a single child and keep our doors open year-round for children in need. from U.S. We bought the property a few months ago and this campaign was so important to us. We had to succeed in order to pursue our plans. Tom Lent was so amazing to work with. Her passion for children, her desire to make a difference and her “let’s do it together” personality have inspired our team of campaign volunteers who have helped us raise funds over the past 25 days. From 15-year-old activists to 87-year-old volunteers, we’ve done it together and succeeded under the leadership of Tom Lent. We are working to bring two new programs to our community and building a new center. The funds we just raised will help us not only start building the center, but also bring these two programs to our local community. We will serve even more children and for that we are grateful to everyone who has helped us by donating, volunteering or connecting us with people who could help us.

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