The youth section of the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec presents Maélie and the dragon: an interactive audio story

The youth sector of the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) is enhancing its programming with its latest innovation: Maélie et le dragon. Children are invited to create the soundtrack of a tale which will be accessible for free from Monday, March 7, 2022.

This new project is the result of Denis Gougeon’s immediate admiration for the story told by Marianne Gagnon, a nine-year-old girl. “I was immediately touched by this story where music becomes the peaceful weapon of a young girl facing a dragon”, explains the seasoned composer.

That’s all it took for the SMCQ to turn it into an innovative project. “Children like to invent stories, but now they are being offered the opportunity to set a tale to music. It’s interesting to see them slip into the shoes of a film composer, especially in this world of legends that they love” , declares Claire Cavanagh, director of the youth sector of the SMCQ.

To this end, the SMCQ has developed an interactive Web application with a graphic universe that illustrates scene by scene Maélie and the dragon. Participants will be able to upload their own soundtracks, which will be combined with the images. They will also be able to discover the soundtracks of their friends… like so many variations on the same theme!

In addition to sound creation, this musical project also focuses on musical interpretation. “Participants can learn Maélie’s Song from the sheet music and karaoke available on our platform and record themselves,” adds Ms. Cavanagh. Children are then invited to upload their respective recordings to be part of the story’s final virtual choir.

This project was developed in collaboration with Hélène Lévesque, music education consultant, as part of the partnership with the CSSDM, and is offered to the various school boards across Canada with which the SMCQ works regularly, in addition to being accessible free of charge. to all families. The activity develops various skills while allowing children to reconnect with the pleasures of creating, singing… and sharing all these musical discoveries!


Interactive audio tale: Maélie and the dragon

Teachers and families can register at any time.

Educational material available on: SMCQ Education Platform.


Maélie and the dragon by Marianne Gagnon, 9 years old

Maélie’s Song by Denis Gougeon

Illustrated by Geneviève Bigué

Web design by Vincent Poirier-Ruel

Pedagogical guide by Claire Cavanagh and Hélène Lévesque, music education advisor, CSSDM

Based on an original idea by Claire Cavanagh

An SMCQ Youth 2022 production

The SMCQ has been at the heart of musical creation for more than 50 years and is dedicated to promoting the work of composers. Over the years, the organization has established itself on the cultural scene through the quality and scope of its concerts and activities, which stand out for their unifying aspect. For more information on SMCQ projects, subscribe to the newsletter:

This initiative is an extension of the SMCQ’s youth program, which already reaches more than 200 schools and 40,000 students across the country through workshops, concerts and activities. Bringing together artists and teachers, the SMCQ has developed over the years a wide range of projects and more than 300 educational resources to discover composers and musical creation today. Presented in the form of thematic “pedagogical kits”, these tools are offered free of charge to teachers on the platform.

The youth sector of the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec presents Maélie and the dragon: an interactive audio story

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