The Ukrainian Youth Center in Yonkers packs a truck supplies to Ukraine

A supply truck now heads to Ukraine after a successful donation campaign at the Ukrainian Youth Center in Yonkers.

It started with two women Yonkers Ukrainian who wanted to help.

Donations are mostly intended for babies, children and mothers who are now fleeing violence in Ukraine. Everything from diapers to clothes, was loaded onto a moving truck 30 feet offered by Al’s Moving and Storage in White Plains.

The truck will head to Fort Lee, New Jersey, where supplies will be loaded onto a cargo plane to Poland.

12 News spoke with one of the organizers, who said she was overwhelmed by the show of support and explained what motivated her to organize the donation drive. “Doing this, it was a good way to escape the coverage. Focus on doing something to help rather than sit and watch. It is really upsetting, I mean it’s just heartbreaking, “says Tatiana Anderson, Yonkers.

Although they no longer accept data supplies, there is used clothing donated to the youth center. They hope to keep them for the next stage of this project, which, he hopes, will host Ukrainian refugees in this community.

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