Results of the youth sector of Rossonero from March 26 to 27

The first weekend of spring brought several good results for many Rossoneri youth teams. the U17 beat Pordenone 3-0 away from home, while U14 won 2-1 in Como. Lantingnotti’s victory took the Rossoneri back to the top of the standings with 54 points, two ahead of Atalanta who are one game less. There were many smiles for the younger age groupsas well as for the Primavera womanwho beat Cittadella 3-0 only 48 hours after the Viareggio Cup final. They are now four points behind leaders Juventus, who have one game less.


PRIMAVERA WOMAN: rearranged girone di ritorno Matchday 6, AC Milan 3-0 Cittadella (2′ et 75′ Avallone, 53′ Crevacore)
UNDER 17: girone di ritorno Matchday 10, Pordenone 0-3 AC Milan (39′ Longhi, 43′ Rossi, 84′ Benedetti)
WOMEN’S UNDER 15: Matchday 10, Rivanazzanese 0-11 AC Milan (Lauzi x2, Franco x2, Hu, Galdino, Montaperto, Stendardi, Di Falco, Tomaselli, Rai)
UNDER 14: rearranged girone di ritorno Matchday 1, Como 1-2 AC Milan (25′ Lupo, 52′ Comotto)
WOMEN UNDER 13: Matchday 6, Garibaldina 4-0 Milan
LESS THAN 12 YEARS: Matchday 6, Fanfulla 4-4 AC Milan (Borsa x2, Marasco, Piazza)
UNDER 11 YEARS: Matchday 6, AC Milan 7-2 Sedriano (4 Jadid, 2 Cremonesi, Ferrari)
FEMALE UNDER 11: Matchday 6, AC Milan 2-3 FC Milanese (men) 2-3 (Dan, Sormani)
LESS THAN 10 YEARS: Matchday 6, Afforese 2-9 AC Milan (2 Kostyuk, 2 Tarabugi, Baratti, Colombo, Donato, Fontana, Nasti)
LESS THAN 10 YEARS: Matchday 7, Pro Sesto 1-2 AC Milan (Colombo, Donato)
UNDER 9 YEARS: Matchday, Aldini 1-2 AC Milan (Gambarotto, Geccherle)

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