Morocco offers engaging e-learning and coding platform to African youth: minister

MOROCCO, May 13 – Morocco offers an e-learning and coding platform with strong and attractive assets to enable African youth to shape their future and develop their technological skills, said Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, Minister of Youth , Culture and Communication.

Speaking at a ministerial roundtable, organized as part of the E-Learning Africa 2022 conference held in Kigali, Bensaid highlighted the efforts made by the Kingdom to “prepare an interesting young population for the different markets development and information technology”.

To tap into the creativity of young people, develop their technological skills and prepare them to meet the greatest challenges, Morocco offers traditional training, in addition to short-term specialized training, the minister said, citing the example of the OCP’s “1337” coding and computer school open to all young African talents.

“Training strategies are, without a doubt, something necessary and time-consuming, but there are specialized training courses of short duration of one or two years and which can be very interesting for the global market and international companies “, he noted.

In addition, the official said that the Kingdom aims to create interactions and partnerships with African countries in the field of ICT, such as Rwanda, to develop human resources on the continent and strengthen the competitiveness of African companies to carve out a place on the world stage. technology market and meet the growing demand in this field.

This ambition, he added, is in line with the enlightened vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI who prioritizes South-South cooperation and actions to accelerate the development of the continent.

MAP May 12, 2022

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