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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Waldorf, is seeking a joyful, spiritually grounded, and emotionally mature leader to lead holistic ministry for our families with children and youth. Our congregation is racially, socially and politically diverse and LGBTQ+ affirming. Before the pandemic, our average weekly attendance was 139 people (between two services). Since returning to in-person worship, attendance has averaged 77 people each week (not including those worshiping online). Children (birth to 5and year) and young people (6and-12and grades) are an active and integral part of all aspects of our church and we place great emphasis on raising them to be caring, caring, loved and loving young leaders. In 2019, we moved from weekly Sunday School to a fortnightly training model with opportunities for intergenerational fellowship and service on the remaining two Sundays. However, we have constantly struggled to maintain an active ministry with young people. This is a new position for a program that is in the reconstruction phase which will be supported by a support team made up of 6 parishioners. Therefore, creativity, flexibility and a willingness to experiment are key to the new CYM.

Main responsibilities of the ministry

  • Coordinate fortnightly religious formation/Sunday School opportunities for children and youth (September-May)
  • In collaboration with the outreach team, develop regular service opportunities for children and youth
  • Equip families and adults with resources and tools to foster faith formation at home
  • Identify, train and coordinate ministry leaders
  • Work with the Rector to provide pastoral leadership and support to children, youth and their families
  • Serve in the regular rotation of leaders providing weekly sermons for children
  • Develop, organize and coordinate monthly summer intergenerational enrichment opportunities, including a youth mission trip
  • Coordinate the annual Children’s Nativity/Christmas show (led by youth)
  • Maintain effective and regular communication with children, youth, families and the parish regarding events and activities through calendars, emails, newsletters, announcements and the use of a variety of social media
  • Promote strict adherence to parish policy regarding the training of all leaders in the prevention of sexual misconduct, including the completion of Save God’s Children training

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