Letter to the editor: A smaller youth center site could work better as accommodation

In the July 24 Telegram, the Maine Department of Corrections identified possible locations for smaller, secure youth detention centers (“Maine DOC Suggests Potential Sites for Smaller Youth Detention Centers,” page B3). One of the locations was Mahoney Middle School, on Ocean Street in South Portland.

As a retired school nurse from the South Portland School Department and former resident of South Portland, I know the building and the neighborhood well. Since the combined middle classes will be housed on Westcott Road, I had begun to reimagine Mahoney Middle School as much-needed housing in condos or one- and two-bedroom apartments — perhaps with additional buildings.

The location is so well suited for active seniors, shopping at Mill Creek and Knightville, walking the Greenbelt, visiting the library, enjoying Mill Creek Park! I hope the city and the developers have similar visions.

Susan Comyns

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