Addison Youth Center receives grant to launch Stem program with Science and Discovery Center

Addison, NY (WETM) — The Addison Youth Center has received a grant to provide stem activities as part of its after-school program.

“We applied for a grant through the Terror Education and Science Foundation based in Syracuse, New York. We have worked with the regional center for science and discovery in the past. We were looking for ways to bring them back,” said said Charlette Smith, Grant Writer, Addison Youth Center.

With the pandemic in place, it was difficult to offer activities to young people.

“COVID-19 has kind of made it difficult. We couldn’t do much programming, but we applied for the grant and then contacted the science and discovery center. We asked them if they could come back and they were more than willing to come back. We’re thrilled to have them,” Smith said.

Every Thursday and Friday for eight weeks, a Discovery and Science Center staff member leads a one-hour session with his students.

“What they do is they do STEM programming. We leverage what they learn in school and do more hands-on work in our after-school center,” Smith said.

During each session, children who participate in the drop-in after-school program participate in a new science-themed project.

“A few weeks ago we made like a paper lantern bug. This week we are going to play with powders, solutions and mixtures,” said Mallory Brewer, student, Addison Youth Center.

Their goal is to provide a safe and fun environment where children can learn and grow.

“One thing we want to do is make sure we can continue to do the programming and be that resource center for parents in the area. Many parents work. They need that place where they know their kids are safe and having fun. They’re taken care of, but they’re also learning, you know, how to socialize,” Smith said.

The Addison Youth Center not only offers an after-school program, but they also plan to run summer camps to keep kids active and engaged throughout the upcoming season of the year.

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